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Bear Market Special Reports and Offers

May 15 – You want your portfolio to make it through this crisis in one piece. Maybe even gain, if at all possible. But the opinions you’re hearing are all over the map. There is no precedent in modern investment history.

So, our friends at Elliott Wave International have offered up a free resource to help. Inside, 5 of their top global experts share their latest forecasts for cryptocurrencies, crude oil, interest rates, deflation, and the future of the European Union. You’ll get insights into markets and factors that can have a major impact on your investments. These are the kind of insights only Elliott wave analysis can give you.

The featured content comes directly from their subscription service, Global Market Perspective. So, jump on this rare opportunity to see what EWI subscribers are seeing.

Today, factors you previously didn’t even consider can have a major impact. This free resource gives you insights every investor needs right now.

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April 28 – Our friends at Elliott Wave International are offering a complimentary course on how to 1) spot an Elliott wave pattern on a price chart, and 2) develop a solid trading plan to take advantage of it.

The 1-hour course, “The Wave Principle Applied,” normally sells for $99. For a limited time, they are making it free to all Club EWI members. It takes 30 seconds to create a free account.

Jump on this rare opportunity now. Learn how to spot a price pattern and boil down your trading plan into a simple step-by-step process. All with a single goal: Minimize risk and improve your trading success for years to come.

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March 12 – Our friends at Elliott Wave International have been guiding investors through bull and bear markets since 1979. From that long experience, they know that at certain market junctures, they can help the most by giving everyone their latest analysis free.

Now is one of those market junctures.

Elliott Wave International has just made the entire “Stocks” section of their flagship market letter, the monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, available to all its free Club EWI members. It’s a rare opportunity to see what EWI’s subscribers are reading.

Read the Financial Forecast excerpt now, free.

This will help you understand how the markets got to this juncture — and, more importantly what’s likely next. And please feel free to share this special excerpt with friends and family.

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The historic stock market crash underway on Wall Street

The crash has been swift, deep and widespread, arguably the worst in history over such as short period of time. Yet the pundits on CNBC and FBN are almost unanimous in saying there is nothing to worry about. Just “BTD” (Buy The Dip). We’re not convinced.

Here’s the past five days of US stock market trading (QQQ), courtesy of Trading View. Feel free to change the symbol, add lines and indicators etc, as you need.

5-Day Market Recap

Market Update Wednesday 05/27/20

The SkyNet BuyBots went bananas again, on optimism that the US economy is continuing to re-open successfully. US stocks jumped at the open of trading on Wall Street. From there it was a mixed bag as stocks zigged and zagged into the close.

Dow closes 550 points higher, as investors look past dismal economic data

The DJIA soared another 553 points (2.2%) and the NASDAQ recovered from early losses for a gain of 72 points (0.7%).

Stay tuned as the battle 0of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

Market Update Tuesday 05/26/20

The SkyNet BuyBots went bananas in the overnight futures session on news of another potential Covid vaccine under development, as well as optimism that the US economy is continuing to re-open successfully. US stocks jumped at the open of trading on Wall Street. From there it was a mixed bag as stocks zigged and zagged lower into the close. The DJIA ended higher by 529 points (2.1%) and the NASDAQ held onto a gain of 15 points (0.1%).

Stay tuned as the battle 0of the SkyNet StockBots continues

Market Update Monday 05/25/20

US financial markets closed in observance of Memorial Day.a

Market Update Friday 05/22/20

It was a another relatively quiet day on Wall Street, as the SkyNet StockBots mostly stayed on the sidelines. Stocks zigged and zagged their way to a modestly mixed close. The DJIA ended down by 9 points (0.1%) and the NASDAQ gained 39 points (0.4%).

Stay tuned as the battle 0of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

Market Update Thursday 05/21/20

It was a relatively quiet day of trading on Wall Street as US stocks zigged and zagged their way into a modestly lower close. The DJIA dropped 102 points (0.4%) and the NASDAQ fell 90 points (1.0%).

Stay tuned as the battle 0of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

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So where do the markets go from here? We sure don’t know.

And anybody who claims to know exactly what’s coming is lying to you. The entire global financial system is in unprecedented, uncharted waters.

  • Global debt is much worse than it was in 2007.
  • Mega-trillions in derivatives trade every day like $1.00 dog-racing trifecta tickets.
  • Despite twelve years of near-zero interest rates, global economies other than the US are barely registering a pulse.
  • And on and on.

How bad are things? How unprecedented and uncharted?

Several Central Banks have entered the monetary Twilight Zone by cutting their benchmark interest rates to below zero. That’s right, if you’re a big bank, you can actually “make money” by borrowing money. When the loan comes due, you pay back less than the amount you borrowed. What a deal!

And the perverse flip side of negative interest rates is that when you deposit your hard-earned money in the bank, not only do you not earn any interest, the bank charges you a fee just for the privilege of making the deposit. You have less and less money in your account every day. What a rip-off!

All of this financial insanity can only be seen as a desperate last-resort attempt by Central Bankers to stimulate their economies by force-feeding them with “better than free money”. (Free money that is conjured up out of thin air with a few mouse clicks, that is.)

About the best we can say for the markets ahead is “expect the unexpected.”

But if there’s one thing that all stock market analysts and forecasters agree upon, it’s that “markets don’t move in straight lines” (at least not for very long). Look at any chart of any stock, any commodity, anything that is traded on an open market and you just don’t see long straight lines.

generic chart

So if markets don’t move in straight lines, how do they move? Again, look at any chart and it’s obvious: markets move in zigs and zags. A more technical term for zigs and zags is waves. And there is no better way to analyze and interpret chart waves than with Elliott Wave analysis.

Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the largest independent financial analysis and market forecasting firm in the world. EWI’s analysts cover every major market (stocks, currencies, bonds, energy, metals, commodities) worldwide, 24 hours a day.

The stock market waves have been warning of a major market meltdown for quite some time. Has that moment finally arrived?

As Bob Prechter warned, and as the market action during the 2008-2009 financial crisis proved,

“Bear markets move fast and are intensely emotional;
investors and traders who are prepared have greater
opportunities on the downside than on the upside.”

We urge you to stay on top of the latest market action with commentary and reports from our friends at Elliott Wave International, below.

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