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Bear Market Special Reports and Offers

October 8 – One silver lining of the global pandemic is that many of us are taking time to learn something new — or to sharpen our skills.

Our friends at Elliott Wave International decided early on that they wanted to help people with this task. So, since April, they’ve been unlocking some of their premium educational online courses.

And they’ve just unlocked one of their most popular ones. It’s called “Introduction to Spotting Elliott Wave Trading Opportunities.” The instructor is EWI’s knowledgeable and accessible Jeffrey Kennedy — whose work you may already be familiar with.

The course normally costs $129, but for 1 month you can get it 100% free with a fast and free Club EWI signup.

Take this online trading course now, FREE.

September 18 – Volatility has returned — and, most likely, it will only heat up from here. You’re probably wondering what’s next. So, let our friends at Elliott Wave International help.

In a few days, they’re starting a rare event called Unprecedented Year, Unprecedented Opportunities — FreePass: U.S.

The event’s timing is perfect. September and October are rarely kind to the stock market. And with the U.S. presidential election looming large, feelings of uncertainty among investors are high.

You may be feeling anxious, too. That’s understandable. So, get some clarity with EWI’s FreePass: U.S. event.

For one whole week, you have a chance to see what EWI’s paying subscribers see — FREE.

What You Get:

Upon signup, you’ll get instant access to 3 incredible introductory resources — a 5-video series, “5 Ways the Elliott Wave Principle Can Benefit You,” a 10-page eBook introduction to applying the Elliott Wave Principle in the markets, and a 75-minute on-demand course, “How to Capitalize on Volatile Markets.” Together, these 3 resources — valued at $157 — will give you a leg up on investing for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. Bonus Report: if you sign up prior to the event start date on Sept. 24, you’ll get access to a Special Report from EWI’s founder and President, Robert Prechter, titled “6 Critical Rules for Investors.”

Then, starting on September 24, their team will post the three unique U.S. market publications that make up their flagship Financial Forecast Service — the Short Term Update, Financial Forecast and Elliott Wave Theorist. FFS gives you a comprehensive view of key junctures in the U.S. markets right now.

Stocks are only one piece of this puzzle. You’ll also get their latest on bonds, the dollar (and euro), gold, silver and the U.S. economy — it’s a complete picture that no U.S. investor should go without.

EWI subscribers pay more than $800 a year for the Financial Forecast Service. On September 24 — October 1, you get a peek inside the service, including all of their near- and long-term forecasts, 100% free.

Join EWI’s Unprecedented Year, Unprecedented Opportunities — FreePass

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The historic stock maFopllwoinrket crash underway on Wall Street

The crash was swift, deep and widespread, arguably the worst in history over such as short period of time. Yet the pundits on CNBC and FBN are almost unanimous in saying there is nothing to worry about. Just “BTD” (Buy The Dip). We’re not convinced.

Here’s the past five days of US stock market trading (QQQ), courtesy of Trading View. Feel free to change the symbol, add lines and indicators etc, as you need.

5-Day Market Recap

Market Update Friday 10/23/20

US stocks opened flat. then plunged then rebounded strongly into a narrowly mixed close. The DJIA dropped 28 points (0.1%) and the NASDAQ added 42 points (0.3%). Gold and silver recovered a bit.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

Market Update Thursday 10/22/20

US stocks opened flat. then dipped, then rebounded strongly into the close on optimism that Congress and the White House may finally agree on yet another round of monetary “stimulus.” The DJIA gained 153 points (0.5%) and the NASDAQ added 21 points (0.2%). Gold and silver got whacked on the stronger US dollar trading.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

Market Update Wednesday 10/21/20

It was a relatively quiet day of trading as US stocks opened mixed and then zigged and zagged into a lower close. The DJIA lost 97 points (0.4%) and the NASDAQ slipped 31 points (0.3%). Gold and silver gained a bit.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

Market Update Tuesday 10/20/20

Following yesterday’s drubbing,US stocks staged a bit of a comeback, as the SkyNet BuyBots did some selective buying. Stocks zigged and zagged into a modestly higher close. The DJIA gained 113 points (0.4%) and the NASDAQ added 37 points (0.3%). Gold and silver gained a bit.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

Market Update Monday 10/19/20

US stocks got bashed, trashed and smashed as the SkyNet SellBots ruled the day. Beyond a brief pop at the open of trading, it was all downhill into the close. The DJIA plunged 411 points (1.4%) and the NASDAQ tanked 192 points (1.6%). Gold and silver slipped a bit.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

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So where do the markets go from here? We sure don’t know.

And anybody who claims to know exactly what’s coming is lying to you. The entire global financial system is in unprecedented, uncharted waters.

  • Global debt is much worse than it was in 2007.
  • Mega-trillions in derivatives trade every day like $1.00 dog-racing trifecta tickets.
  • Despite twelve years of near-zero interest rates, global economies other than the US are barely registering a pulse.
  • And on and on.

How bad are things? How unprecedented and uncharted?

Several Central Banks have entered the monetary Twilight Zone by cutting their benchmark interest rates to below zero. That’s right, if you’re a big bank, you can actually “make money” by borrowing money. When the loan comes due, you pay back less than the amount you borrowed. What a deal!

And the perverse flip side of negative interest rates is that when you deposit your hard-earned money in the bank, not only do you not earn any interest, the bank charges you a fee just for the privilege of making the deposit. You have less and less money in your account every day. What a rip-off!

All of this financial insanity can only be seen as a desperate last-resort attempt by Central Bankers to stimulate their economies by force-feeding them with “better than free money”. (Free money that is conjured up out of thin air with a few mouse clicks, that is.)

About the best we can say for the markets ahead is “expect the unexpected.”

But if there’s one thing that all stock market analysts and forecasters agree upon, it’s that “markets don’t move in straight lines” (at least not for very long). Look at any chart of any stock, any commodity, anything that is traded on an open market and you just don’t see long straight lines.

generic chart

So if markets don’t move in straight lines, how do they move? Again, look at any chart and it’s obvious: markets move in zigs and zags. A more technical term for zigs and zags is waves. And there is no better way to analyze and interpret chart waves than with Elliott Wave analysis.

Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the largest independent financial analysis and market forecasting firm in the world. EWI’s analysts cover every major market (stocks, currencies, bonds, energy, metals, commodities) worldwide, 24 hours a day.

The stock market waves have been warning of a major market meltdown for quite some time. Has that moment finally arrived?

As Bob Prechter warned, and as the market action during the 2008-2009 financial crisis proved,

“Bear markets move fast and are intensely emotional;
investors and traders who are prepared have greater
opportunities on the downside than on the upside.”

We urge you to stay on top of the latest market action with commentary and reports from our friends at Elliott Wave International, below.

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