It was another wild, woolly and hair-raising day on Wall Street, as Cornoavirus mania spread around the world. The SkyNet SellBots took control of trading in overnight futures once again, sending US stocks sharply lower at the open of trading on Wall Street.

Ar precisely 10:30 AM EST (“funny” how that happens), the SkyNet BuyBots launched a spirited rally, erasing about 75% of the opening losses. But that was all she wrote. Stocks were quickly overwhelmed by waves and waves of pressure from the SellBots, ending just a few ticks above the lows of the day.

Dow plunges 1,100 points, bringing its decline from a record high to more than 10%

The DJIA plunged a record 1,190 points (4.4%) and the NASDAQ mini-crashed 414 points (4.4%).  US bonds continued to roar ahead to new highs.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.