After yesterday’s historic plunge, the SkyNet BuyBots took control in the overnight futures trading, sending US stocks sharply higher at the open of trading on Wall Street. But as soon as the bulls breathed a sigh of relief, the SellBots stepped right in and erased all of the early gains. But Donald Trump & Co. again saved the day by announcing even more financial and monetary stimulus (i.e. bailouts) and the BuyBots jumped all over that news, sending stocks sharply higher into the close.

New York Fed pledges to offer $1 trillion a day in overnight repo loans

Fed to lend against stocks and bonds in bid to stabilise markets

The DJIA recovered 1,049 points (5.2%) and the NASDAQ rebounded 430 points (6.2%). US Treasury paper fell sharply. Gold finally showed some strength, jumping $47.00.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.