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12/07/18 – Chris Martenson: Every Bubble Is In Search Of A Pin

Now that the world’s central banking cartel is taking a long-overdue pause from printing money and handing it to the wealthy elite, the collection of asset price bubbles nested within the Everything Bubble are starting to burst.

The cartel (especially the ECB and the Fed) is hoping it can gently deflate these bubbles it created, but that’s a fantasy. Bubbles always burst badly; it’s their nature to do so. Economic suffering and misery always accompany their termination. Read More.

12/06/18 – Stephen Guilfoyle: This Market Is Heading Into a Potentially Explosive Formation: Market Recon

Many of us have been there. Hopefully for most of us, not for a very long time. It’s that moment when a young lad realizes that he may have just picked a fight with the wrong guy. It usually doesn’t take very long for the brain to ascertain that an opponent is not only willing to go there, but seems quite at ease in doing so. There is nothing worse than fighting a guy that knows how to fight. That’s the moment. The moment when you realize that even if you figure out how to get by, you’re probably going to get hurt. Read More.

Market Update – Tuesday 11/27/18 4:00 PM EST

The SkyNet SellBots held the advantage of the overnight futures, sending US stock down sharply at the open. From there, the StockBots battled it out with the BuyBots mounting a recovery into a mixed close. The DJIA gained 108 points (0.4%) and the NASDAQ ended up a tiny fraction.

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues!

12/05/18 – Bloomberg: Apollo’s Leon Black Says Credit Markets Are In ‘Bubble Status’

The credit markets are facing excesses as investors chase yield, Apollo Global Management LLC co-founder Leon Black said.

“The credit markets, unlike the equity markets, have gone to bubble status,” Black said Wednesday at the Goldman Sachs Financial Services Conference. “The amount of covenant-less debt is more than 2007. You have a thirst for yield that exists on a global basis. So there is true excess.” Read More.

12/04/018 – MarketWatch: Brace for a 15% plunge in S&P 500 next year if the Treasury yield curve fully inverts

Parts of the U.S. bond market are seeing short-dated yields push above their long-dated peers, a “warning sign” for the stock market as Wall Street’s economic expectations for 2019 deteriorate.

That’s what Oliver Jones, an analyst for Capital Economics, said in a recent note, as investors pay newfound attention to the yield curve, the spread between short-dated and long-dated yields. Jones and others are worried that if this gap continues to narrow, more losses will follow for the S&P 500 SPX, -2.33% which has already been retreating from its October highs. Read More.


Market Update – Monday 11/26/18 4:00 PM EST

After last week’s drubbing, the SkyNet BuyBots finally got in gear and mounted an impressive rally. The question remains, is this a short-term “dead cat bounce” or the start of something more significant. The DJIA rebounded 354 points (1.4%) and the NASDAQ soared 142 points (2.0%).

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues!

12/04/18 – Reuters: DoubleLine’s Gundlach: Treasury curve inversion signal ‘economy poised to weaken’

Jeffrey Gundlach, chief executive officer of DoubleLine Capital, says the U.S. Treasury yield curve inversion on short end maturities are signaling that the “economy is poised to weaken.”

Gundlach, known on Wall Street as the Bond King, said the Treasury yield curve from two- to five-year maturities is suggesting “total bond market disbelief in the Federal Reserve’s prior plans to raise rates through 2019.” Read More.

Market Update – Friday 11/23/18 4:00 PM EST

The SkyNet SellBots don’t eat turkey, and they picked up right where they left off before the Thanksgiving holiday, driving US stocks lower. The DJIA dropped another 179 points (0.7%) and the NASDAQ dipped another 33 points (0.5%).

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues!

12/03/18 – CNBC: Major Wall Street economists have their doubts trade cease-fire will lead to actual deal in 90 days

Some of Wall Street’s top economists think it is still unlikely that both the U.S. and China find a permanent compromise despite the cease-fire.

Wall Street traders may be exuberant Monday over the decision to pause the trade war between the U.S. and China, but economists across the marketplace aren’t convinced the delay will lead to a permanent solution. Read More.

11/03/03 – Tyler Durden: “It’s Getting Worse & Worse” – JPMorgan’s Kolanovic Warns Algos Are Hurting Human Investors

Having shrugged off a collapsing Put-Call ratio as anything but a buying opportunity, and after “quadrupling-down” on his bullish take for risk assets – one which has so far failed to materialize and even following today’s latest short squeeze, the S&P remains flat on the year – JPMorgan’s quant MD Marko Kolanovic just came clean about some of the real risks in markets. Read More.

Market Update – Wednesday 11/21/18 4:00 PM EST

After plunging the first two days of the week, the SkyNet StockBots battled it out to a mostly highly close in relatively quit trading. The DJIA, up 200 points at its high, sold off again in the afternoon and closed down a point. The NASDAQ held onto most of its early gains, closing up 63 points (0.9%).

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues!

11/29/18 – Business Insider: 19 indicators that suggest the US economy’s record expansion is about to come to an end

The US economic cycle is six months from becoming the longest on record, which has led investors to question when it may end.

Nomura has compiled a list of 19 financial metrics which “nearly all suggest we are closer to the end of a cycle”. However, while US economic growth will slow next year, the analysts said the current expansion should still have further to run. Read More.

Market Update – Monday 11/19/18 4:00 PM EST

US stocks got bashed, smashed and trashed, as the SkyNet StockBots ruled the day once again. A brief afternoon appearance by the SkyNet BuyBots cut the days losses in half, only to fade away into the close.  The DJIA plunged 396 points (1.6%) and the NASDAQ surrendered 219 points (3.0%) as the high tech stocks lead the way lower.

Dow plunges about 400 points as Apple, Amazon and Facebook fall

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues!

11/28/18 – CNBC: Fed warns that a ‘particularly large’ plunge in market prices is possible if risks materialize

The Federal Reserve issued a cautionary note Wednesday about risks to financial stability, saying trade tensions, geopolitical uncertainty and a buildup in corporate debt among firms with weak balance sheets pose strong threats.

In a lengthy report on the banking system and corporate and business debt, the Fed warned of “generally elevated” asset prices that “appear high relative to their historical ranges.” Read More.

Market Update – Tuesday 11/20/18 4:00 PM EST

US stocks got bashed, smashed and trashed again today, as the SkyNet StockBots are showing no mercy. A brief late-morning appearance by the SkyNet BuyBots cut the days losses in half, only to fade away into the close.  The DJIA plunged another 551 points (2.2%) and the NASDAQ surrendered another 120 points (1.7%) as the high tech stocks lead the way lower again.

Stocks Skid as Major Indexes Shed 2018 Gains

Tech’s ‘FAANG’ stocks have lost more than $1 trillion

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues!