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03/28/20 – Jeff Booth: Coronavirus has shown us we were living in an economic fairy tale

You and your neighbor, let’s call him Bob, choose two very different paths. The year is 2001. You choose to live within your means, only paying for what you can in cash and never taking a loan. He, instead, takes a $1-million loan to fuel lavish spending. He builds a new house, hires gardeners, buys new furniture and a big-screen TV. To you and all of your neighbors, looking in from the outside, Bob is very wealthy. Read More.

03/25/20 – Michael Lebowitz: Why QE Is Not Working

By formally announcing quantitative easing (QE) infinity on March 23, 2020, the Federal Reserve (Fed) is using its entire arsenal of monetary stimulus. Unlimited purchases of Treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities for an indefinite period is far more dramatic than anything they did in 2008. Read More