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01/13/21 – Egon von Greyerz: Biden’s Banana Republic

Donald Trump is probably the luckiest presidential candidate in history to have lost an election. He doesn’t realise it yet as he suffers from a self-inflicted wound in the final moments of his presidency. Nor does Biden yet realise how unlucky he is to have won. But that will soon change as his presidency goes from crisis to crisis in all areas from monetary to fiscal to social and political. Very little will go right during his presidency. Read More.

01/11/21 – Simon Black: 2021 may be the year that the world loses confidence in the dollar

Nearly 186 years ago to the day, on January 8, 1835, US President Andrew Jackson accomplished what no other American president has done before, or since: he paid off the national debt. Jackson was a staunch fiscal conservative. He despised banks, and, according to his biographer, he considered central banking “black magic”, and the national debt a “moral failing”. So he paid it all off– roughly $5 million. Read More.

01/10/21 – Tyler Durden: Five Reasons Why Runaway Inflation Is Imminent According To Morgan Stanley:

Last Monday, we published the first weekly warm up note from Morgan Stanley equity strategist Michael Wilson who in addition to warning that the “market is ripe for a drawdown” as the “risk/reward has deteriorated materially”, ( a prediction which has yet to pass) laid out his most contrarian view about 2021, namely that “the big surprise of 2021 could be higher inflation than many, including the Fed, expect. Read More.

01/06/21 – America’s Dysfunctional Economy

Peter Schiff appeared on the Lions of Liberty podcast with Marc Clair to look back at the Trump economy and ahead to what the Biden years might bring. Along the way, Peter and Marc talk about the stock market bubble, Peter’s move to Puerto Rico, the looming dollar collapse, and bitcoin. Read More.

01/05/21 – Jeremy Grantham: Waiting for the Last Dance

The long, long bull market since 2009 has finally matured into a fully-fledged epic bubble. Featuring extreme overvaluation, explosive price increases, frenzied issuance, and hysterically speculative investor behavior, I believe this event will be recorded as one of the great bubbles of financial history, right along with the South Sea bubble, 1929, and 2000. Read More.

12/19/20 – David Stockman: Unhinged….. And Then Some!

Jerome Powell puts you in mind of the boy who killed both of his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court on the grounds that he was an orphan! That’s what JayPo essentially did in his presser yesterday while trying to explain that the most hideous equity market bubble in history is actually not that at all. Read More.

12/18/20 – Charles Hugh Smith: What Would Happen If the Fed Ceased to Exist?

Extremes get more extreme until risk breaks out; then the reversal will be as extreme as the bubble expansion. What would happen if the Federal Reserve ceased to exist? We all know the answer: global markets would instantly collapse and the global financial system, now entirely dependent on Fed stimulus, intervention, manipulation, free money for financiers and endless printing of trillions of dollars out of thin air, would crash, leaving nothing but a steaming, fetid pile of corruption infested by the cockroaches scurrying around gobbling up the few crumbs left. Read More.

12/12/20 – Doug French: The Weirdest, Most Distorted Economy Ever

Between the Federal Reserve, Congress, and covid, navigating the business cycle is equivalent to sneaking through a house of mirrors. The stock market is making new highs as unemployment rates do the same. Thousands line up for free food and soon will do the same to be vaccinated. The nation’s governors tighten restrictions by the day while the Federal Reserve remains loose in its monetary operations. Read More.

12/12/20 – Greg Hunter: Rick Ackerman – Second Great Depression Starts in 2021

Analyst, professional trader and financial writer Rick Ackerman likes gold and silver too, but not because he sees explosive price rises. He likes precious metals because they are solid core investments. They work well in inflation or deflation. They are rugged and will work no matter what comes. Ackerman thinks what is coming will be far worse than the Great Depression, “I call it the ‘Second Great Depression.’ . . .