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11/12/19 – TMIN: Guess Who Is Preparing For A Major Stock Market Crash?

Pessimism is spreading like wildfire on Wall Street, and this is particularly true among one very important group of investors. And considering how much money they have, it may be wise to listen to what they are telling us. According to a very alarming survey that was recently conducted by UBS Wealth Management, most wealthy investors now believe that there will be a “significant” stock market decline before the end of next year. Read More.

11/11/19 – Dr. Ron Paul: Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ About to Pop?

When the New York Federal Reserve began pumping billions of dollars a day into the repurchasing (repo) markets (the market banks use to make short-term loans to each other) in September, they said this would only be necessary for a few weeks. Yet, last Wednesday, almost two months after the Fed’s initial intervention, the New York Federal Reserve pumped 62.5 billion dollars into the repo market. Read More.

11/07/19 – Tyler Durden: European Commission Warns Of Dire Future Unless Germany Issue Much More Debt

One day after the IMF, whose former boss is now head of the ECB, warned Europe to “prepare for the worst” and put in place emergency plans for an economic slump strongly urging Europe to implement a major fiscal response (translated: Germany should issue much more debt), the European Commission published its own economic forecasts which as Bloomberg’s Richard Breslow said “make for a dour reading.” Read More.

Market Update – Tuesday 10/29/19 4:00 PM EDT

With all eyes as well as computer sensors focused on tomorrow’s Federal Reserve meeting and the 95% assured interest rate cut, the SkyNet StockBots stayed on the sidelines. US stocks zigged and zagged in a relatively narrow range into a modestly lower close. The DJIA dipped 19 points (0.1%) and the NASDAQ dropped 49 points (0.6%).

Stay tuned as the battle of the SkyNet StockBots continues.

10/30/19 – Wells Fargo: How Bull Markets End: Investment Strategies to Prepare for the Next Downturn

A new report from the Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII) examines the 126-month-old economic expansion, the longest in U.S. history, along with one of the longest bull markets in the S&P500, gaining 350% in about a decade. The length of the economic expansion and the total return in the stock market have recently caused fear among investors, signaling the good times are about to end. Read More.

10/29/19 – Rob Bennett: The Economic Crisis of 2008 Did Not End, It Has Been in Remission

There have been many articles appearing in recent months suggesting that the economy might go into a recession within the next year. Many have focused on whether the Federal Reserve should cut interest rates to stop this from happening. There also has been a lot of speculation as to the effect that an economic downturn will have on the 2020 Presidential elections. I have not seen anyone talk about how today’s high stock prices will likely cause an economic collapse. Read More.